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About the Organic Certification

November 06, 2021

Question: Since you are The "Organic" Wine Store, why do you also sell wines that do not specifically say “organic” on the label? Are they all organic or not? Answer: The matter is complicated on many levels, and I will try to make it clear here below. 1. Organic certification...

Harvesting Prosecco grapes under a full moon

June 29, 2021

Raimondo Boggia with Sarah Dei Tos in her vineyard in the Valdobbiadene hills in Northern Italy, discussing this year's very cold Spring and why harvesting the Glera grapes under a full moon makes her Grappoli di Luna Prosecco unique.

Why we feature many Italian wines

December 10, 2020

One can say that since I am Italian and I am the founder of The Organic Wine Store, it’s obvious that I have privileged Italian wines.While I cannot guarantee 100% that I have no bias, the actual reason why so many wines featured in this store are Italian is based...