Veliko Belo Suho Belo Kakovostno Vino ZGP 2011



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Our score: 92

This wine’s brilliant color is a reflection of its bright acidity, which allows it to age well. The light-orange color is also a testament of the skin fermentation, which, together with the use of natural yeasts, is the key characteristic of the Slovenian producer Movia.

At the nose it is intense and complex: ripe pineapple and orange zest are followed by dried apples and apricots, as well as a mushroom note that takes you for a brief moment in the middle of a wood forest.

On the palate it is balanced, precise and elegant; long in the finish, harmonious and smoother than many white wines from Europe.

Grapes: Rebula, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio

Pairing: Any smoked fish, but also a fat fish like halibut with a red bell pepper and onion sauce, or a Dover sole with clarified butter.

Appellation: Suho Belo Kakovostno Vino ZGP, Slovenia

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