Filari Corti Nebbiolo Langhe DOC 2016
Agricola Brandini


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Our Score: 91

Giovanna Bagnasco, the owner of Agricola Brandini, says: “We believe that organic is a way of life rather than a method of production; we want to leave the soil and the land to the next generation in a better condition than we found it”. The result is a garnet Nebbiolo that is as authentic and typical as they get (same story for their Barbera and Barolo). At the nose it starts with rose and cinchona, licorice, ink and nutmeg. In the mouth, it is dry and warm, sapid, and the tannins are elegant.

Grape: Nebbiolo

Pairing: I like it with polenta and brasato al Nebbiolo, which is a beef top round marinated for 24 hours in wine, juniper, carrots, onion and celery, before being cooked in the same wine for 2 hours or more.
It performs great also with almost any type of red meat, as well as pasta and porcini mushrooms.

Appellation: Langhe DOC, Italy

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