The Fog Eater Pinot Noir Anderson Valley AVA 2019
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Our Score: 93

A very complex Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley, one of the most interesting appellations in northern California.

The micro-climate from the marine layer of the Pacific Ocean, give this Pinot Noir a very intense scent of smoke, well integrated with ripe raspberries and cherries, geranium and sage, tangerine zest and green pepper, nutmeg and potpourri. The tannins are discrete and elegant, and at the palate it is crisp yet fruity.

I think you get it by now: far from a standard Pinot Noir, this is one of the most interesting expressions of this grape if you like a complex, multilayer flavor profile.

Grape: Pinot Noir

Pairing: I would drink it with fatty foods: from a grilled king salmon to oven roasted chicken legs and potatoes. The ultimate pairing though is pork chops with roasted roots (carrots, beets, squash, etc.).

Appellation: Anderson Valley AVA, CA USA

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