Chiaromonte Selezione 2014


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Our score: 93

This is a one-of-a-kind wine, coming from 100+ year-old vines of the Chiaromonte Winery in Puglia, Italy. One of the highest in alcohol, directly generated by the sugar level of the berries.

It is macerated on natural yeasts for more than 30 days and it matures in stainless steel and French oak barrels.

It is robust and broad at the nose. Ripe cherries, zest of citruses, sage and eucalyptus, a sapid note of wet limestone and seashells.

While drinking, we do not perceive the alcohol level, and It is long and dense, smooth and soft.

Grape: Primitivo

Pairing: It is great with red meat and aged dry cheese, but it reaches a sublime level with chocolate bars, brownies and pecan pie: a great and unique after dinner drink.

Appellation: Gioa del Colle DOP, Italy


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