Biancolella Ischia DOC 2018


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If you have been to the famous Ischia Island (or the lesser-known Ponza Island a little north of Ischia), you have certainly tasted a glass of Biancolella as a house white wine at that restaurant on the beach. A very interesting grape, which, as many others, grows well only with a very specific soil, wind and weather condition.
This Biancolella here, however, is no house wine. It is fresh and crisp, with the typical citrus, stone fruit, iodine and Mediterranean herb notes at the nose; but a prominent flower’s honey hint provides an important balance, making this wine more round and warmer than what we usually expect from wines hailing from windy islands.

Grape: Biancolella

Pairing: Fried calamari, sautéed squid with chard and cherry tomatoes, Dover sole with butter-caper sauce

Appellation: Ischia DOC, Italy

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